High-pressure Investigations in the Field of Geothermal Energy

Due to the complexity of geologic issues the exact ion analytics of concentrated saline waters of deeper rock strata are of essential importance for geothermal power plant processes. Because of high salinities (to 300 g/l) problems and fallouts by gas emissions, salt precipitations and corrosion during the process can occur. The simulation of real "in situ-conditions" in the laboratory with pressure, temperature and suitable location composition are pulled up for the development of preventive methods. With it technical solution approaches can be developed for the monitoring of geothermal power plant processes and can be implemented to reduce fallouts.

The same problems arise during the injection of CO2 in aquiferes for its storage: solubility changes and adverse reactions are triggered by pressure and temperature. Also here a simulation of the real ratios occurs: under pressure (to 500 bar) and temperature (to 200°C) with high salinity (to 120 g/l and more) by free-of-touch online analysis.

Because these kind of experiments are complex and cost-intensive, the number of it should be kept so small as possible and in order to fill the data gaps a combination of experiments and modelling should be used.