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Student Assistant (HiWi) in the research group Material Synthesis and Scale-up

contact: TT-Prof. Dr. Moritz Wolf

773/2022 Postdoc (f/m/d)


Academics / Scientists / Engineers (master´s degree) (f/m/d)

Job description

Your research focuses on the structural investigation of catalysts for Fischer-Tropsch synthesis from synthesis gas. The catalysts catalysts for FT synthesis must be optimised for higher turnover, selectivity and stability in order to minimise costs and increase the sustainability of production. This work aims at the in situ and operando characterisation of the catalysts and the correlation of their properties with catalytic performance. X-ray absorption spectroscopy is used as a main characterisation method. Further X-ray based methods for operando characterisation are being developed. In this context, your tasks are the planning and application of time- and spatially-resolved EXAFS, as well as the combination of of EXAFS/XRD with other spectroscopic methods and the analysis of XANES, EXAFS and catalytic activity data. Above all, high-pressure operando apparatuses are to be further developed, measurements are to be performed at different synchrotron radiation sources and complementary laboratory characterisation is to be carried out. A cooperation exists with well-known industrial companies and research institutes. The results are published in the form of scientific reports in journals and conferences. Your job profile is rounded off by the scientific supervision of PhD students and undergraduates.

Personal qualification

You have a university degree (Diplom (Uni)/Master) in chemistry or physics, preferably with a completed PhD. Sound knowledge in the characterisation of solid state catalysts,

Technical chemistry/chemical process engineering, material synthesis, heterogeneous catalysis and energy storage processes are required. Several years experience in the fields of catalysis and use of synchrotron radiation sources, in the commissioning of in-situ cells for

X-ray absorption spectroscopy or related methods, in material characterisation and in detailed EXAFS analysis or modelling of spectra are a prerequisite. Knowledge of newer methods such as tomography or modulation excitation spectroscopy is desirable.


Salary category 13, depending on the fulfillment of professional and personal requirements.


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