Equipment and methods

Analytics (Catalysis and Processes for CO2 Fixation and Sustainable Fuels)


Methods available in the working groups
(Dr. Arnold, Dr. Pitter)
Determination of surface properties Physisorption, Chemiesorption, FTIR
Thermal analyses DSC, TGA, Viscometry
Molecule and material properties NMR, UV-VIS, IR, MS (EI, HPLC-ESI)
In situ monitoring IR, NMR
Chromatography GC-MS/FID/TCD, GPC

Experimental and Technical Plants (Catalysis and Processes for CO2 Fixation and Sustainable Fuels)

Operation Reactor type Working groups Dr. Arnold, Dr. Pitter
Batch Stirred tank Various reactors in sizes from 50 mL to 5 L, parallel reactors, dosing of gases and liquids, operating ranges up to 350 °C and 400 bar, in-line analysis
Continuous Fixed-bed Laboratory test stands for reaction kinetic measurements, parallel reactor system, test stands for the synthesis of fuels and fuel components, typical feed throughputs laboratory reactors from 50 to 500 NmL min-1, typical throughput technical reactor up to 10 Nm3 h-1