Technical Infrastructure


  • Ensuring smooth operation of the entire block of buildings in compliance with regulations, such as Accident Prevention Regulations, Laboratory Guidelines of the Employees' Liability Association, Ordinance on Waste and Hazardous Substances, Radiation Protection Ordinance, etc.
  • Personnel and Finances and Structural Maintenance: Organization and safeguarding of the institute's interests toward the corresponding central administration entities,
  • Operation of the presence workshops,
  • General administrative duties to ease workload of the institute's director


Highly specialized technologies have always been the foundation of research at the IKFT. They include, in particular, experimental plants used for developing processes that range from the laboratory scale to the demonstration of their technical application. Planning, setup and start-up of experimental plants are accompanied by the service departments of the institute:

The institute's workshops are competent partners for the production and construction of operational test facilities. The potential range of services goes from consulting to design, construction, production and installation and includes all steps required for implementing new developments and prototypes. Support during start-up and adjustment to changed process parameters or repairs can be done efficiently through short routes and in particular through contact with R+D personnel and infrastructure staff. The workshops are not only very well equipped for this with production facilities, but also have qualified and experienced personnel.