Glas Apparatus Design


Know-How and Competence


The glass apparatus design workshop at the IKFT produces single parts and small series according to drawing or pattern and after consultation with the user. Using individually produced tools, glass components can be produced with very precise inner dimensions and outer dimensions. The modification of existing plants and components and their repair is another service. The production of ampoules, evacuation and vacuum-sealing of ampoules filled by the user and fusing glass with glass, including transitions between different glasses, glass/metal transitions, fusing glass with ceramic, UV-inhibiting coating of glass apparatuses by diffusion colouring in the oven, etc., are also possible.
Our range of services is rounded off by contacts to external providers of the sectors of construction of large industrial plants, silver-plating of glass apparatuses, laser machining (cutting, marking and fusing) or water jet cutting of glass, glass machining by ultrasound grinding machines and sintering of glass.



This work is carried out using the following customary methods:
Hot machining with torches and ovens
Cold machining by grinding, drilling and manual milling
Bonding technologies, for example bonding of various materials with glass.



Basically all industrial glasses can be machined, such as: quartz glass, borosilicate glass 3.3, soft glass.



Examples of manufactured articles


 Flue gas wash columns

Flue gas wash columns



Measurement cell

Measurement cell



The production glass components is done according to existing or jointly drawn-up drawings as specified by the buyer.


Terms of repair

For reasons of safety, occupational health and safety, workpieces sent for repair are only accepted in cleaned condition. If this condition is not fulfilled, no repair is possible.



After clarification of the technical details, we will be glad to make you an offer.
For invoicing, the requesting party must specify an internal account number or project number when placing the order.




  • Ovens
  • Burners
  • Grinding, cutting and drilling machine



We are located in building 729 of the IKFT, room 105