Energy range 3.1 keV – 60 keV
Energy resolution (dE/E) Si(111) 1x10-3; Si(311) 1x10-4
(theoretical values)
Source Wiggler 2.5 T (40 poles,  48 mm period length, 15 mm vacuum gap)
Optics Vertically collimating Si mirror with Rh/Pt coatings
DCM with Si(111) and Si(311) LN2 cooled crystal pairs, fixed exit
Toroidal focusing Si mirror with Rh/Ir coatings
Beam size at sample position approx. 1 mm (hor) x 1mm (vert)  below 35 keV with mirrors
above ~ 35 keV mirrorless operation
Flux at sample position Currently further optimized (2nd phase of commissioning)
Experimental station 3 ionization chambers for XAS in transmission mode
combined XRD-XAS setup with MediPix Detector
combined IR-XAS  setup with DRIFTS spectrometer
Implementation of detector for X-ray fluorescence measurements planned
Sample environment sample cells and infrastructure for experiments under reaction conditions (reactive gas supply and gas dosing units, liquid phase, high pressure, high temperature)