Other Projects (Catalysis and Processes for CO2 Fixation and Sustainable Fuels)

Catalysts and Mechanisms

Program: “Storage and Cross-linked Infrastructures” (SCI)
Topic: “Synthetic Hydrocarbons”
Subtopic: “Catalysts and Mechanisms”

We develop and test new catalyst materials and use innovative synthesis procedures. In close cooperation with other IKFT groups we work on the understanding of structure-effect relationships.

Regarding the desired products, catalysts play a key role. High selectivities are crucial, especially in the fuels sector, to avoid extensive and costly separation and purification procedures.


Components and Process Development

Program: “Storage and Cross-linked Infrastructures” (SCI)
Topic: “Synthetic Hydrocarbons”
Subtopic: “Components and Process Development”

Studies on single-step DME synthesis are carried out in reactor systems, which enable the examination of model catalysts as well as the determination of the reaction-kinetic parameters relevant for process engineering and dynamic operating modes.

Regarding the conversion of DME to fuels such as gasoline and OME, which is extensively investigated within SCI, the entire process chain from raw materials to fuels is considered. In this context, up-scaling is an essential issue for comparison and evaluation of the different strategies.



Within the project NAMOSYN Sustainable mobility by synthetic fuels which is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, the production of synthetic fuels is investigated. The work is carried out by a consortium of renowned companies as well as research facilities and various issues such as raw materials, synthesis strategies, testing, evaluation and also scenarios for a market launch are addressed. The focus is on a sustainable production which meets the corresponding ecological, economical and also social demands.

On the part of IKFT, oxymethylene ethers (OME) are developed. These are alternative diesel fuels which exhibit promising combustion and emission characteristics. Due to the vast experience of the institute in this field, up-scaling is another important topic and even world-scale is envisaged. A process model for the overall process is developed and all process steps, i.e. reactions as well as separation procedures, will be demonstrated in a modular way



Project "reFuels - Rethinking fuels"

The use of sustainably produced fuels (reFuels) is a promising path towards CO2-neutral mobility, alongside other measures such as the expansion of electromobility. These fuels can be produced from carbonaceous residues from agriculture and forestry, from industrial and municipal waste, as well as from CO2 in combination with hydrogen obtained by electrolysis of water. These fuels together represent the so-called reFuels. The project, funded by the state of Baden-Württemberg, aims to demonstrate the feasibility of regenerative fuels in daily life, taking into account sustainability from raw materials to synthesis and use.

IKFT's main task within the project is the provision and qualification of major quantities of synthetic fuels on a regenerative basis from the operation of the existing bioliq® pilot plant.