Equipment and methods

Computer code TURBIT-VOF

TURBIT-VOF is an in-house computer code for numerical simulation of gas-liquid or liquid-liquid two phase flow in simple confined geometries. The code uses the volume-of-fluid method with piecewise-linear interface reconstruction and solves the incompressible Navier-Stokes equation with surface tension term in one-field formulation on a staggered Cartesian grid. It also allows solving the transport equation for an arbitrary number of chemical species, which are (yet) considered as passive scalars. The code is used to investigate hydrodynamics and mass transfer phenomena with an optional simple chemical reaction in Taylor flow (or bubble train flow) through square and rectangular mini-channels and to perform direct numerical simulations of pseudo-turbulence in bubble-driven gas-liquid flows.

See also the web pages of the single phase version of TURBIT and the DNS data base on turbulent natural convection in horizontal fluid layers.